Pc Guard

Backdoor Guard

Backdoor Guard Firewall blocks hackers and other unknown threats. Guard Module that contains: Startup Guard, BHO Guard, Windows Guard, Internet Explorer Guard & Guards Summary. Backdoor Guard allows the user to setup the ports and the IP sources that are trusted as that for a LAN or a home network. Also it lets the user who has the administration privilages only to access the program by setting a password for it. Alerts that fires the alert types that you made in the system guard. The options window contains tabs

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Zend Guard for Linux 4.0

Zend Guard enables the protection and mass distribution of commercial PHP applications. Zend Guard provides independent software vendors and IT managers with the ability to safely distribute and manage the deployment of their PHP applications while protecting their source code. Zend Guard is comprised of two key components, Zend Guard`s encoder and Zend Guard`s license manager.

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BT Guard 2.2: BT Guard is auto turn off tool for your mobile; secures the BT and saves battery
BT Guard 2.2

BT Guard application is an auto turn off tool for your Bluetooth. BT Guard secures your mobile from unauthorized Bluetooth access. BT Guard changes your Bluetooth status automatically according to your settings, making your phone invulnerable and saves your battery life. You define which status should the BT have (BT off or BT invisible) and when BT status should change. BT Guard will also ask you for confirmation

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Easy Guard Server Protector 8.0

Guard Server Protector provides Web application firewall technology, enabling fully-integrated application-level protection to Web servers and back-end systems. Easy Guard provides an endpoint-based intrusion prevention component that addresses a key part of the security problem that exists today, identifying and blocking real-time attacks against your network and endpoints.Easy Guard includes an Application-Based Intrusion Prevention Engine that

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PC Guard Software Protection System 6.00.0120: Professional software protection and licensing system.
PC Guard Software Protection System 6.00.0120

PC Guard is available in 4 different versions: 32bit editions: 1. PC Guard for .NET (supports 32bit Windows applications and .NET x86/AnyCpu applications) 2. PC Guard for Win32 (supports 32bit Windows applications) 64bit editions: 1. PC Guard for .NET64 (supports 64bit Windows applications and .NET x64 64bit applications) 2. PC Guard for Win64 (supports 64bit Windows applications) Secure: With 20 years of experience in the field of software protection

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CD/DVD Door Guard Pro 3.3.2: CD/DVD Door Guard Pro is the perfect solution to prevent crash of DVD devices.
CD/DVD Door Guard Pro 3.3.2

Guard Pro, and the utility will start protecting your drive immediately. Click for a few times,and you can lock the DVD device`s door. After locking it, pressure on the button on front of DVD drive will not take effect. CD/DVD Door Guard Pro can lock this device automatically at logging on, and unlock it each time you open the device`s door from CD/DVD Door Guard Pro menu. CD/DVD Door Guard Pro not only locks the door of DVD drive. It also watches

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Net Guard 2010 3.5: Net Guard 2010 Complete Identity Protection
Net Guard 2010 3.5

Net Guard 2010 provides an anonymous Internet connection to let you surf the Web invisibly so your 100% secure and no one can see what you do while on the Internet. It works with all Web browsers, and also supports instant messengers. Net Guard 2010 also allows you to send and receive anonymous e-mails to anyone. Net Guard 2010 you will be protected from the most common threats available on the internet such as identity theft.

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